What mother doesn't love a special gift made by their child on mother's day. 

In this kit you have the option of the paper being pre-cut for you (see photo) so no scissors are needed. You also need to pick whether you would prefer a pink or green pot. Click on the tutorials to help you and/or your child make the flower pot. The card is easy to put together - write on the card, put confetti inside, tie it up with thread and place in envelope. 


In this kit you will receive:

1x pot (pick at checkout pink or green)

4 x coloured pieces of paper

4 x green pieces of paper 

1 x ribbon

1x sticky tape

1x premade card

1x bag of confetti

1 x envelope

1 x bag of brown filling

1 x set of 6 acrylic paints




Kids Craft Pack Flower Pot (with paint)

Colour of Pot