A little Something for the Kids....just alittle something I have been working on behind the scenes.

So I got thinking, wouldn't it be fantastic and so so so much easier to everything ready to go for simple art and craft activities I want to complete with my kiddies. Boom - light bulb moment. I thought to myself let's do it. Now more than ever I know I need different outlets for my kids to enjoy and this also keeps me sane because if they're happy I'm happy and if I''m happy and calm so are they.

So I'll continue to release little fun packs for you and your kids to enjoy. The intention is for the work to be not master pieces to hang in the gallery but to destress the situation and have fun with your kids while making your life of setting up and packing up manageable.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do here! Please post your little treasures' artworks because I would love to see them and show them to my son.